silly little billy goat kidney bean (candiedashes) wrote in hobopa,
silly little billy goat kidney bean

i'm new and shiny, look at me look at me!!

i'm candi.
i'm new.
here anyway.

i work at a popular theme park in orlando, florida as a turnstile attendant, aka ticket taker. needless to say, i interact with a lot of people on a daily basis.

i have found, since working there, that i hold a certain appeal to older mexican men and, sometimes, their wives/girlfriends/etc as well. and not just the guests. oh no, the security working at the front gate is in on it too.

--hey, why are you still wearing that raincoat? it stopped raining...
-i'm cold. it's keeping me warm. kind of.
--if i was younger and single i bet i could think of several creative ways to warm you up good, sweetie
-excuse me while i hork up my intestines. you are 80, minimum.

work is fun. not to mention i get to wear purple polyester pants.
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