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I found this fantabular community through delzinko! Isn't that swell? Almost as swell as the vacumn cleaner hose I found in my couch! I was wondering where that had gone!

I have no problems being hit on by older men. Older men are cool. They usually can drive, don't blow nostril rockets out of their nose in public, and they're usually more comfortable and confident around me, enough to realize that impressing (okay, embarrassing) me with sweeping grand gestures is absolutely not necessary. Older men are usually between the ages 21-39.

I also don't mind receiving the flirtations of elderly, senior citizen types, mostly because that there's little or no threat I may hurt their feelings by turning them down, because they KNOW they're old. Usually I remind them of their late wife, which I think is kind of neat.

However, I find it creepy when not quite elderly men (to a twenty year old girl, that would be 40-65) take it upon themselves to dip in my kool-aid.

Two weeks ago I was riding the local bus home when I sat down across from a 50 year old hippy coming back from a sale at Hechts or JCPenneys. I had been freezing my face off and when I sat across from this man and said, "Thank God for heating vents," he grinned at me and barked, "Thank God for blue-eyed redheads! Man, I sure do love redheads!"

I sat there, looking out the window, nodding from time to time as he spouted out more of the blarney, when the woman next to me grinned, "Hey! You ain't a real redhead, are you?" and pointed at my tawny roots and eyebrows.

The old man choked. "Y-yes she is! Hell if she ain't!"

The woman next to me nodded, "You can tell. Her eyebrows aren't even red. Redheads have red eyebrows!"

"Well now, that's not entirely true," I stated. " My sixteen year old cousin Virginia has bright, brick red hair and her eyebrows are dark brown!"

The 50 year old hippy licked his lips and commented, "Mmmmmmmmmmmm, I bet I'd like her!"

Sixteen year old jailbait.

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