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Something for the Weekend for Somebody

I work at a small hole-in-the-wall retail store that, as of late, houses the sort of people I normally wouldn't fraternize with. However, I still haven't even remotely tried to attempt to expand my social circle beyond it, leading me into a continuously looping cycle of HOBOPA danger.

One of the women I work with is married, but probably no more than ten or so years my senior; of course, age is moot with the whole wedding thing going on. Their relationship is one of those open European ones or I'm just somehow privy to a lot of information I oughtn't be. Whatever the case, I am apparently yet another conquest, which is certainly not the sort of role I play that often.

She'll invite me to do all sorts of things, always appending that I can get drunk if I want to. Presumably, this is because I become very slutty when I've been drinking; I haven't ever before, but maybe this time when I'm around her, it'll happen and I'll be overcome by lusts too strenuous for my feeble mind to contain.

If she just wanted to hang out, I might actually think it's on the straight and narrow, but she engages in too many little come-ons, like resting her posterior on my hand when there's plenty of other places she could stick her rear. Offhand, I can't think of a proper buttocks-on-digits situation, but maybe the occasion would arise in a very small elevator or if everyone was in a lifeboat after a Biblical-class flood.

Anyway, it's creeping me out a tad. Nobody ever seems to believe me when I say I have no interest in them, which means they either think I'm a dirty, stinking liar or such a total loser that I can't actually be turning down anybody. Unfortunately no matter which option I fall under, I don't exactly got the life.
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