XXXtina (sparkletrash) wrote in hobopa,

i didn't plan to write a novel...

just the fact that this community exists has brightened my day.
anyway... here's my story... the guy was not a senior citizen or member of aarp, but in the 50+ bracket.
ok, so i'm a this crappy bar waiting for my friends to play so i get a drink. i feel the lusty eye of the gentleman next to me and proceed to give him a better view of the back of my head.
"so you know any cool places to hang out around here?"
this isn't happening...
"i'm not from around here," i reply.
"where ya from?"
"not here."
"but where?"
i see this will continue and the bartender is no where in sight...
"north jersey," i say hoping it will satiate him.
"where in north jersey?"
"um... i'm not giving you my address if that's what you're asking."
"i used to live in newark."
"that's nice."
"do you live in newark?"
finally the bartender appears... i don't know how he did it, but he actually rode in on a white horse. his robes swirled and flowed with his graceful movements... the roof opened up and let in the most beautiful pink rays of sunlight... which was hard to beleive since it was 10:30pm! he waved a magic wand and a glass of wine appeared in my hand.
i flashed him a twinkling smile and hurried back to my friends...
inevitably, i needed another drink 3 minutes later and came to the bleak realization that i would have to face the barstool ogre again.

i approach the bar....
the subject seems hypnotized by a lancelot link movie playing on the tv above. i seize the opportunity and plan to do a quick in/ out mission.
sir bartender nods and slides another glass of wine my way... i slap down a few bucks, and quickly turn to leave...
thwarted again.
face to face with my old friend...
"so you're back again"
i force a smile and begin to walk away.
"you know", he calls, "the monkey is a great actor. he's the best part of the movie!", he adds excitedly.
i suddenly pull a 'chandler-from-friends' quizzical head jerk.
what a line.
i raced to my friends to tell them the odd story.
"you're not going to beleive this... but the guy at the bar..."
my friend faced her hand and said, "monkey story?"
"he told me about the monkey, too."

pointless? yes.
strange? yes.
funny? maybe just to me.
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