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seriously tho...

this isnt about anything in particular, just found this community and felt the need to go on a rant...i work in a bar...a sportsbar...i dont like sports...so yeah...i guess if you had to label me, id be a rivethead/goth...or a fetish goth...or sometimes perkygoth...whatever, i dont fit into a sportsbar really...i definitely have my own style so far as the work uniform goes, but corporate management does a pretty good job of keeping me in check..anyway...it seems like people just look at me and automatically think i am this naughty little vixen and this means i like 45 yr old men? or something along those lines...and its always like this

OD=old dude

ME/ *smile* hey whats up?

OD/ *blank stare* good, youself?

small talk......
literally, 10-20 minutes later...the question comes

OD/ what time do you work till tonite?
ME/ till after your gone and i finish cleaning...heh

mind you...not all these guys are initially creepy...i just cant imagine asking such a question from the get go...
THEN they usually go off into their own brand of being and old guy trying to mac on the young girl bartender....on a daily basis i have to step out (the bar is like a stage in this joint...and there is a backstage where a server and a bartender can be the freakazoids we really are) and smack myself in the forhead wondering what these people think...i know it doesnt sound as bad as it normally feels, but thats cause im trying to supress specific situations from resurfacing in my memory.. i know that i should be flattered, i just dont know how to bow out of this situation gracefully...i mean...i am engaged..and i wear a ring..and i dont hide it....too many people think its a fake tho...whatevah...youll hear from me again.. ;)
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